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Scaffolding and Related Supplies Available throughout the North Americas & Mexico

Standard Scaffolding

Our quality scaffold products are engineered and tested to comply with OSHA standards in the U.S.A and CSA standards in Canada.  Our welders are certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau. (SCA W47.1)

Offering a complete line of frame scaffolding painted or hot-dipped galvanized, all are compatible with most major scaffold brand names in the industry.

For those needing specialized systems we can manufacture scaffolding to any specification.

Sidewalk Frame

6'2 3/4" X  9' 7"

Weight: ?

Arch Frame

Dimensions: ?

Weight 47 lbs

5 Foot Scaffold

Dimensions: 5' X 4'

Weight: 35 lbs

5 Foot Standard Scaffold

Dimensions: ?

Weight: 42 lbs

5 Foot Ladder

Dimensions: 5' X ?

Weight: 29 lbs

4 Foot Standard Scaffold

Dimensions: 4' X ?

Weight: 35 lbs

3 Foot Standard Scaffold

Dimensions: 3' X ?

Weight: 29 lbs

3 Foot Ladder

Dimensions: 3' X ?

Weight: 20 lbs

Walk Through w/ ladder

Dimensions: ?

Weight: 55 lbs.


Choice of Locks

Many different locks available

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